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  • Laboratory technology researcherApply

    Recruiting Numbers : 2
    Responsibility : 1.Learn detection method and knowledge of product application testing; 2.Reorganize and form MSDS, TDS and other related technical information of the product; 3.Familiar with product application research,provide technical support to business department.
    Job Condition: 1.undergraduate course,major in polymer materials,applied chemistry or other related professions; 2.Skilled at experimental operation,CET-4 or above,provided with good spoken English.
  • Foreign Trade Salesman(Portuguese)Apply

    Recruiting Numbers : 2
    Responsibility : 1.Develop and maintain customers in the related markets; 2.Gather relatde markets and OPI; 3.Assist teammates to complete the translation work.
    Job Condition: 1.College degree or above,major in Portuguese,provided with good English foundation; 2.Love foreign trade, Old hand is preferred.
    wages: Discuss personally